January 23, 2016

PA Premise Alert System on Track to Become a Law in Pennsylvania

I am thrilled to report that my Senator Andy Dinniman has drafted legislation, Senate Bill 573 “The Pa Premise Alert Bill” to make the Pa Premise Alert System a law in Pennsylvania.  By making this law it will require Schools, Service Providers, MH/IDD services to offer a copy of the PA Premise Alert Form to families once per year. This measure will provide first responders with important information they need to successfully answer a call for assistance.  Every police department in the Commonwealth would be required to accept and process the information. The majority accept them now.  The Premise Alert System will remain voluntary for families. No one will ever be forced to provide private information to anyone at any time. 

 If you live anywhere in Pennsylvania and regardless of whether you have a loved one who lives with a disability or chronic, complex medical diagnose, I am asking that you contact your state Senator and ask her/him to co-sponsor and vote for SB 1096 when it comes to the floor. Just send an e-mail that says “Dear Senator___________  I am writing to ask you to co-sponsor and vote for SB 1096It is good commonsense legislation that you should support. Thank you ”  If you click on the link below you can find your Senator. Please forward this to your lists, ask your friends and family to contact their Senator. This bill is budget neutral and helps our most vulnerable residents in Pennsylvania.  

Susan Rzucidlo

Find Your Senator

P.S.  If your Senator is Andy Dinniman, I would ask you to send an e-mail thanking him for his leadership on this Bill.   Thank you