June 27, 2013

Office of Civil Rights to Investigate Pennsylvania & BHRS Delivery


Dear Pennsylvania families whose children have been receiving BHRS (wraparound) services,

In December of 2012, I and a BHRS provider each filed separate complaints with the Office of Civil Rights about the lack of effective access to BHRS in Pennsylvania and the inadequate support that the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare and the Behavioral Health Managed Care Organizations have been giving to eligible recipients of it, and their parents.  My complaint was on behalf of  my son and other children who were inappropriately denied BHRS treatment.

The Office of Civil Rights has been investigating these complaints for the past six months and is now seeking information from other parents of children who have experienced similar denials, delays or obstructions in the receipt of BHRS for their children.  They would like to know if a pattern for this exists in Pennsylvania.  The more information they have, the better.

If your child’s BHRS prescription has been denied totally or cut back partially because an insurance company thinks it’s too big, doesn’t include enough medication, has been going on for too long, or that the services should be delivered by the school rather than a BHRS provider, please send me your contact information and in preparation put together a letter regarding any denial or reduction of wraparound services.  Your name and contact information will be maintained in confidence and forwarded to the Office of Civil Rights for a witness list and your name  will not be disclosed to any other Federal, State or County agency, or any Managed Care Organization.

Thank you and please feel free to share this with your other lists around the state. Additional information will help OCR do a more complete investigation.  Please put in the Subject line OCR investigation and send it to Susan Rzucidlo at  srzrrz@gmail.com.