May 23, 2013

Hospital Communication Boards

Who is it for?

  • Autism
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Spoken language disorders
  • Poor articulation due to cerebral palsy, stroke, traumatic injury…
  • Non-English Speakers
  • Deaf individuals
  • Patients with Alzheimer’s or similar syndromes
  • Lost or frightened children

 How to use this board

This board was developed as a means to support two-way conversation. To gather information from a person who cannot communicate easily, simply show the individual the board, point to an appropriate picture and verbally ask the question that fits the symbol.

It is important for the professional to consider that the individual, although nonverbal, may be able to read, write or use a keyboard to answer questions.  Offering access to a keyboard, paper and pencil/pen could provide the best possible response to questions.

Place the board directly in front of the patient or hand it to him/her. Then ask them to point to a selection whilst asking an apropriate question.The patient may just point without comment or gesture, you need to be alert to this possibility.

Interacting with persons with a communication difficulty can be frustrating, but with your use of the symbol board, such interaction can be easier and more efficient.


Hospital symbol board US-ES-Letter