April 22, 2013

About us

SPEAK Unlimited Inc. is a non-profit organization started in 2004 by Susan F. Rzucidlo, the mom of a young man who has autism. This non-profit is dedicated to serving individuals who have special needs and supporting Emergency Responders. We promote community safety programming and support families in locating and utilizing services.  SPEAK provides a range of services, advocacy, family support, employment and education, training to First Responders (Police, Fire Fighters, Paramedics)

SPEAK Unlimited Inc., is also the owner of the Premise Alert System a  The Premise Alert System is a free and voluntary safety program that supports individuals living with disabilities or challenges. It allows individuals and families to notify the police and other first responders about their special circumstances before a crisis.  Families or individuals simply fill out the form located on this website and take it to their local police department.  The police department keeps one copy and sends the other copy to the 911 center. The information is entered into the data base and if the family needs to call 911 the information comes up on the call takers screen who then shares that information with the responder whose services are needed, fire, paramedic or police. The Premise Alert System is a unique safety program that supports individuals living with disabilities as well as police officers, first responders, and emergency services personnel.

Police Chief Kevin McCarthy of East Earl Township, Lancaster County, PA, and Susan F. Rzucidlo of Chester County, PA, created the form and the system and together gifted it to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on April 7, 2008

Our mission: To serve those who serve, to help those in need.

We serve children and adults who have special needs attain educational and community-based supports, assist adults who have special needs access services and if needed  SSDI. We’ve even assisted veterans in obtaining records and services.  We work to make connections in the public agencies, private organizations and faith-based communities to put together a plan that helps you or your family member create a plan that will allow for an “everyday life” with as much independence as possible.


Contact us at srzrrz@gmail.com